A day in the Primary classroom
from 3 to 6 years old
Morning rituals
Hearing “Good morning, how are you?” is how every Hopscotch student is welcomed to school each day. All staff take genuine care in each student and their families. Once you enter our school, you become part of the Hopscotch Community.

After the morning greeting, students head into the school to put their belongings away and join their friends in the classroom. The day starts with mindfulness exercises to prepare children’s mind and body for the upcoming day of learning and discovery.
Every primary classroom in our school is full of unknown wonders, ideas to test and stories to learn and share. Every day has the potential to unlock some new knowledge and introduce new skills a student will rely on for the rest of their life. Hopscotch primary students receive lessons based on their academic and developmental needs and interests, within a wide variety of curricular areas throughout the morning. Teachers model grace and courtesy through indirect and direct activities. Students are encouraged to practice kindness as a practical aspect of their classroom and community interactions with one another.
Students have individualized curriculums which are tracked by teachers as they are presented with new materials or concepts. As students work with these activities, teachers use their observations and data to further plan for each student individually or within small paired groups.
The work cycle
The feeling of belonging is a fundamental part of every student’s success and wellbeing. Every lesson has an element encouraging connection between students, whether it’s working on projects together or participating in group discussions. The Montessori classroom gives students many different working environments – working independently, collaborating in small groups and working together as a classroom. At times, the process can be very hands-on, requiring communication and movement, and other times the work requires staying quiet, being fully focused and attentive.
Students manage their work time by making choices in all curricular areas that peak their interest. Our time-tested classic curriculum of practical life, sensorial materials, math, language, science, culture and art enables children to learn and improve their cognitive and normative skills in a multiplicity of core development areas. Our classrooms are fully equipped with primary educational materials that meaningfully shape and sculpt the child’s psycho-neurological functioning.
Teachers support young students to think and act independently even as they learn to explore the world at their own pace and in their own way.

Teachers will guide students towards various activities when they have mastered one concept and are ready to build on their experience. Students are given the freedom to organize their day around their goals. The student's choice will include work he/she would like to complete for the day. During this time, children can also take "breaks" to re-energize and refocus by having snack, reading, mindfulness meditation, practicing origami, chatting with a friend or just sitting quietly.
Health and wellness
Health and wellness are important elements in the everyday routine of Hopscotch Montessori. Our primary students set the table to make every meal feel like one at home with family and friends, allowing for bonding and forming connections. Children bring food from home or can choose to receive fresh and healthy food which is delivered to school on a daily basis. The menu incorporates a wide variety of meals combining many international cuisines. Each meal includes a balance of nutrients, vegetables, healthy grains and also tastes delicious!

It is no secret that children learn best when given plenty of time to have fun outside. Nearby parks provide our students with spaces for outdoor activity. Students will use local playgrounds to play, run, jump, climb and enjoy themselves with their friends. A variety of structured activities targeted toward physical health and teambuilding are also part of our schedule.
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As an international school with a global community, we recognize the importance of children being exposed to different languages and cultures. Therefore, our school has introduced a bilingual Montessori environment in Ukrainian and English, also taught during group classes, individual lessons, and in a circle. In addition to learning about languages, our students learn about culture, food, music, and so much more! As a result, our students build familiarity with the different languages. All of this allows children to learn English better, to internalize it easily and naturally.
Hopscotch students have the opportunity to participate in a variety of enriching activities that meet the needs for creativity, sports and thirst for fun in our students.
The end of the day
At the end of the day, students begin to wind down. They prepare the classroom for the next day, talk with friends, make plans for the evening or finish up any last minute tasks. Teachers lead a short community gathering to say goodbye or to dismiss students to their enrichment classes.
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